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Kraftekstudio / WHY US

We help you visualize ideas 

Because seeing is believing.


Why chose Kraftekstudio?

– We are based in Eastern Europe, where we combine highest European standards
with attractive costs. Bulgaria, which joined the EU in 2007, has developed into a
hotbed for international IT, graphic design and outsourcing companies. Bulgaria is
a world leader for the development of video games, architectural visualizations and
3D rendering.

– Good visualization doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

– Globalization allows you to access talent from around the world. The founders
of Kraftekstudio are specialized architects and have 7 years’ experience in 3D
Architecture and Interior, 3D Rendering, Walkthroughs and Light simulation.

– Our team has a long track record in project management and serving international
customers. We speak your language and we understand that for you, there can be
no trade-off between quality and cost. Our multilingual team can manage projects
in English, German and French.

–  Because each project is unique.