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Kraftekstudio / PROCESSING

How Kraftekstudio works.



Why chose Kraftekstudio?












1. When we prepare the main model, we will send you different clay style renderings of the model from
numerous camera positions. You can check for errors on the main model and choose a camera position.

2. We review the feedback and we prepare the final clay image – the main model and the whole environment
– trees, bushes, grasses, any other accessories, etc. This is the final stage when you can make any major
corrections of the environment (like changing the look of the picture from daylight to night lighting)

3. We revise the feedback from the final clay and we prepare the first preview image. We set all the materials
with the environment. The image is resized (not yet HR quality)

4. When the client is ready with the feedback, we prepare the final HR image. Very small corrections are possible
regarding final image color corrections and effects.


Is Your Content Ready To Go?


– Make sure you have your content ready for us – DWG files of the project
(plans, elevations, sections, reference BIM 3D models if available)

– We can use photos or raster image too, although we recommend
modeling and referencing on DWG files as the most productive, accurate
and time-saving method

– Do you have reference photos (desired style, texture of the materials)
and other additional information for a better understanding of the goals of
the project